Personal, Still, She Rises


So many thoughts go through our minds every…single…day
Many of them can be lies about who you see yourself as.
Where you need to improve,
What you’re not doing for yourself,
Who you maybe should be,
You can feel yourself getting caught up in what others are doing that you feel bad about yourself.
I want to ask you to stop….stop right now.

I know and understand this in itself can be challenging.
You want to be able to stop,
But the stories, the thoughts can just keep coming at ya,
Some days faster than you’d like them to be.

Overall, I’m a pretty positive person….now.
I never use to be, at all.
It’s taken a lot of work to get out of my way, out of my head and see myself as a person I want to be.
And see my worth.
But just the other day, I was been so horrible to myself,
That if you could see it in a physical form, I’d have a fair few bruises to showcase.
The thoughts were flying in faster than I could clear them.
It’s been quite some time since I last had thoughts like this,
Even on days I feel flat, I’m no longer horrible to myself, I can just let it be what it is
But this day was different.
I’m just going to blame it on the full moon haha – cause I can.

I felt not good enough,
I questioned so many things about myself,
That maybe I’m too much,
That maybe I use my voice too much now,
That maybe I’m just too much of a dreamer,
That maybe I’m just not living in reality,
That maybe people just don’t get me,
That maybe I just need to try and be so called normal – what ever that is.
I looked at all the areas I thought I could improve on.
One thing about me, is I want to be the best person I can be, for myself and my kids,
I can be hard on myself, but in a healthy way, I like to compete against my yesterday self,
and I usually speak kindly to myself, back myself and believe in myself
But not this day…

Until the next day…
Where I flipped it around and took another look and really asked myself what makes me happy.
What I know is that when I’m not showing up and doing or being who I know I want to be,
I feel deflated, it sucks more life out of me.
Diluting myself to fit in, to be a little more quiet on my sharing and thoughts, really doesn’t feed me.
I looked at all that I’m happy with and focused on that.
I decided that day to let yesterday be what it was and move on from here.
I decided to show up for myself in a way I know that works for me and only me.
And man did that feel so much better.

Maybe you wish more for yourself,
That’s great to do so.
But just take all the stories away about what you’re not, or what you don’t want to be.
And begin saying all you know you can be and are already.
Believe that if you can believe all the lies, all the stories, that you can believe all the goodness that is you too.
Because if you feel and know that goodness is in you and you want it, it’s already there,
You’ve just got to start tapping into it, to access it and allow it to be you.
When you begin to see what is amazing about you,
And use this to move through your day
You will feel lighter, you will feel happier, you will feel like you’re actually living your truth.

Every single one of us have so much to offer, so much goodness,
In our own way,
So begin, every day to speak to yourself just as you would do to your best friend,
With all the love, encouragement and humour.
Don’t take life so seriously, yet at the same time, take yourself seriously in the fact of knowing you have it all within you already to be, do and have all you wish for.

Get out of your way and start showing up for you in a way that works for you.