Forty tales of wisdom, beauty, and strength told through photographs. I am inviting women aged 40+ to my studio to tell their own story and enjoy a one of a kind portrait experience celebrating their life and sharing what 40+ looks like in 2022.

We are looking for all ethnicities to be represented. So, sign up and invite your friends to do the same. 

Women over 40 deserve to be celebrated. We are too experienced to not be heard and too beautiful not to be celebrated. Together we can change the way the world defines aging. We can lift and empower those that are coming up behind us that may have lost themselves and seeking that awakening of their spirit and soul. Or even more so, to empower our own children.


Most of the women in our lives – our Mothers and Grandmothers, do not have timeless portraits of themselves (like yourself) because many may have struggled to be vulnerable enough to be photographed and see their own true beauty radiating from it. They are also so used to spending their whole life focused on everyone around them and often feel a sense of guilt when wanting to do something special for themselves. Does that sound familiar to you?

Let’s change the narrative and create a community that is supportive of these amazing women over 40! It’s time to celebrate the allure of women like you and challenge the assumption that beauty diminishes with age! It’s time to stand tall and appreciate every smile line, every scar, every grey hair and let your personality shine on through.


  • Professional Hair & Makeup the day of your photoshoot
  • 1-hour guided photoshoot with portrait photographer Charmaine Marinkovich
  • One High Resolution Digital File of your choice
  • VIP invitation +1 to the Gallery Exhibition later in the year – Date & Venue to be confirmed


The 40 over 40+ package offer is just $195
(Over $650 in value)


Initial Consultation

This is for you to learn more about the process. But, more importantly, for Charmaine to get to know you and hear your story. Schedule your 15-minute phone consultation today and choose a date for your photoshoot.

Wardrobe Styling

As part of your consultation we’ll talk about how you want to be photographed. You will receive a styling guide & videos to help you in selecting your outfits. On the day of your photoshoot, Charmaine will go through your outfits with you, to select the final ones for the day.

Hair & Makeup Styling

The day of your photoshoot, you simply show up fresh faced. One of our talented make-up artists will style you in a way that you are completely happy with. We use a make-up chart to help communicate the look you are after.

Your Story

The most important part of this project is getting to know you and telling your story. Charmaine will send you a small questionnaire where she asks you some questions about you and what you want to celebrate with this session.

Guided Photoshoot

Charmaine’s job is to find your best angles and guide you through a series of expressions until she captures your personality. She wants to tell your story through beautiful portraits that you will gladly share with loved ones and strangers alike.

Multiple Outfit Changes

You’ll be with Charmaine for an hour in studio and that allows for a number of outfit changes. Charmaine has found over the years that there is something liberating about putting on a different outfit that allows your confidence to come through. It’s a time to have some fun!

Image Reveal

After your photoshoot, we will arrange another date for you to view your portraits where you will be able to select your complimentary image. While no additional purchase is necessary, if you wish to purchase additional portraits, you can apply the $195 paid to participate towards any collection or additional wall portraits.

Digital Portrait File

You will receive a high resolution digital file of your choice valued at $249 for participating in this campaign for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Gallery Exhibition

Celebrate with us as a VIP when we share forty stories of wisdom, beauty, and strength at a Gallery Exhibition here in Tauranga. Plus you will receive an additional invite to bring a friend along with you.
Date & Venue to be confirmed.
Exhibition print will be the photographer’s choice.