Still, She Rises


By wealth I don’t directly mean financial wealth, yet that can and does come into it too.
A life of wealth comes in all sorts of ways,
By the relationships you have in your friendships, intimately, or with your family.
By the work you do everyday, what you turn your hand to,
What you create, we’re all creating something in our work,
How about your health, do you feel a wealth of health,
Do you feel rich with all that you fill your life with?

Every time you go against what you know to be true and right for you,
You’re blocking it from your life.
You’re blocking everything that is actually meant for you from entering your world.

Just like when you’re feeling all blocked up with a cold, you feel like shit,
You crave to feel good again,
Same is true for anything else you want in life.
Every time you block it up with stuff, that makes you feel like shit,
Go ahead with things because you feel it’s your duty too for some reason,
All you do is sit and crave for what you truly want.
You sit and wonder why thing’s aren’t happening for you.
So until you release the blockages,
Until you put your hand up to all that isn’t for you,
Until you just decide on what you actually want,
You will stay blocked in those areas.
And when one is blocked, it can automatically block other areas too.

Unblocking all the crap, all the must do’s, should do’s, have to’s,
Letting go of all the things you THINK you must hold on to…for just in case, in case of change,
You will feel so much space open up for you,
You will want to fill that space again and again,
It will feel uneasy sitting in that space at times waiting for what is for you.
You will feel impatient, you will want to push against resistance time and time again,
And it’s in these moments it’s important for you to remember what you want,
And to stay true to you.
It’s in these moments where you must learn to comfort yourself,
Learn to entertain yourself,
Learn to sit with yourself,
Learn to see all the wealth you already have in your life,
And trust the rest will follow.

Take a birds eye view of your life,
Can you see where you’re blocking goodness from flowing in.
You don’t have to search for it, or even look really,
You already know in your heart what you’re doing that’s not for you.
You know it on a soul level.
It’s those things that knock on your minds door always…
And will continue to do so until you do something about it.

Stop doing all those things while you wait for what you want,
All you’re doing is delaying or simply stopping the flow of a wealthy life for yourself.