Personal, Still, She Rises


The kids are in bed, which means I get some time to sit down and write.
There’s been so much I’ve wanted to write lately,
I’ve started, but it hasn’t been flowing out,
So I’d hit delete and start again….
I’d move to the next thing that came to me…
which again didn’t’ flow,
So, again I’d hit delete.

It made me think about how many times in life where we’ve started something that didn’t really flow,
It brings thoughts, feelings, questions to the surface,
And sometimes we wish we could just press ‘DELETE’ on it as though it never happened,
To clear it all and start a fresh.
If we knew better we would do better,
If we had that time again, the outcome would be different.

But we can’t, no one can.
What has been done, is done,
What has been experienced, has been experienced,
What is, just is.
Where we are, is just where we are and where we’re meant to be.
Delete is not, is never, will never, be an option,
But learning from everything, everyone, is an option.
If we had the option to Delete, there would be nothing to learn from,
Zero memories to learn what we do want and what we don’t want in our lives.

Our only option in life is to hit the refresh button each day,
To make little adjustments as we move along through life,
To give it ago no matter what,
To not try and get or expect perfect,
To know there will be times of muck up and that’s ok,
To know that we wont’ always get it right,
Yet in the end, it always turns out right, right for each of us.
And to keep trying and not to give up on yourself.

When things feel clunky, heavy, uneasy, mucky,
If you have to think too much, wonder too much,
There’s no flow for you in that space,
This is a good sign it may be time to adjust, to change tact, to pivot, to take another direction.
Don’t wish for what has been…to be deleted.
Just look towards tomorrow….and adjust to what you do want.
Don’t look back, just keep looking forward.