Hi, I’m Charmaine

A mum of four, a Baba (aka nana) to two, a portrait photographer and a life long learner.

My Story

Hey, I’m Charmaine Marinkovich, thanks so much for stopping by.

First and foremost I’m a Mum of Four, a Baba (aka nana) to two, a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, an aunty – Family is my everything.

I’m also a portrait photographer for the modern woman, helping her see her own style of beautiful and empowering her to own her own space. Whether that’s through a personal portrait sitting on her own, with her loved ones or helping her stand out in her business industry with portraits that tell her brand story – working with woman is my passion.

Life can be full of surprises – it can be a real roller coaster of a journey at times, but that’s what keeps it interesting and exciting. For many years I had no self worth, I didn’t enjoy who I saw in the mirror and had zero belief in myself or my ability, all due to the choices I had made in my life. That was until I decided to look at life differently, to choose differently and look at myself differently.

“I now empower women to… know they have everything within them to be, do and have what they desire in life…”

Using my camera and pulling from my own life experiences, I now empower women to really get to know themselves on a deeper level, to know they have everything within them to be, do and have what they desire in life and that all they need to do is choose – choose for them.

I would love to photograph you so you can see for yourself you are worth being celebrated with a portrait.