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Your Truth Is About To Be Shown To You…

In a number of ways….

It’s been so easy to hide, push things away, run away and ignore certain things or people at times.
It’s been so easy to distract it all with work, get togethers, even as simple as hoping in the car and going for a drive. Or saying you don’t have the time. But now, none of that is possible and you have oodles of time.
I actually see this as a good thing….

If anything, I want everyone to become aware of their truth more than anything now.
This is your chance to see what you really want for yourself and what really matters.
And I hope you come out a changed person from this experience we’re in right now.

So as you sit where you are tonight…take a good look around.
What do you see, or what don’t you see?
What can you hear, or what can’t you hear?
What are you experiencing?
What keeps popping into your mind?

Now more than ever is a chance for you to connect.
Connect with yourself on a deeper level and strengthen the connections you have already with those you care about.
It’s a chance to do a good spring clean of your life, now while you have the time.

Allow this down time for you to become very aware of what’s coming up for you over the next coming weeks.
The truth will always find it’s way to the surface.
And when it arrives, welcome it in with open arms – embrace your truth, it’s a beautiful thing (most times and always in the end)
You deserve to live with nothing but truth in your life.

Maybe in the near future, I will share with you some truths that I’ve already had open up for me, that have brought a smile to face, that have made me realise a few things, and that have shown me what is possible.
Some I already knew, but I didn’t want to listen.
Some I was a little surprised on, in a good way.
And some excited me.
Either way, it’s about embracing the truth that comes and working from there.

Let your truth be seen…by you!