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Communication Is Key…

Communication is key in life and even more so right now.

Communicating how you’re feeling, how things are going with you, what you need is vital to feeling good within yourself.
And knowing that what you want or need, isn’t always what others in your bubble want or need.
Communicating with them, asking them what they all need is important. Not only will it give you some understanding, but it will also help you connect better or find ways to connect better.

We all may be needing different things right now.
Depending on your personality, your age maybe, your love language, your feelings.

My kids are doing their own thing at the moment,
I went to see what my middle son was up to and I found him having a rest in his room – just chilling.
I asked him how he’s doing and if he’s keen for a bike ride soon…to which he answered no.
My next question was, sweet…is there anything you feel like doing…to which he answered, I’d like a bath.
So in the middle of the day, he’s having a bath in his togs and has been joined by his brother.
So far so good.

Me, today, I’m feeling a little tired,
So I’m chilling out a little more than normal, reading, writing, sitting outside, music playing.

Remember, no one can read your mind and vice versa.
So if there’s anything you wish for to see happen or to be like, voice it…share it….communicate it.

Tomorrow all our needs may look different, but it’s important to keep our communication open in our little bubble.
And communicating doesn’t mean a big deep conversation, long drawn out questions one after the other,
Just keep it simple, listen to the response and become aware of theirs and your energy.

And one last thing….don’t put high expectations on yourself or others for things to be a certain way,
I feel that when you do, we can often be let down…so keep it simple.