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Lockdown Has Began…

And here we are, in lockdown.

Who would have thought aye, a month ago, things would come to this. It’s for the best to adjust our lives for a month to help save other lives. And as the new saying out there goes…
‘We are all in this together’

I was looking forward to the photoshoots I had booked in for this week, but I look forward to the day we get to reschedule.
Right now we can all be grateful for many things.

Grateful for the internet where we can still communicate.
Grateful for phones & computers to work from and stay connected.
Grateful for family & friends to call on
Grateful for our neighbours to have a chat with at the fence
Grateful to our kids who will show us many things in the next coming weeks.
Grateful for a time to bring us closer to our family & quality time
Grateful for a time to slow down things a little.
Grateful for our health.
Grateful for all those industries who continue to work and keep us safe & cared for.
And I’m sure there are a tonne more to be grateful for, and more will unfold over the next month.

This is a time where we get to be creative and have some fun in our own little communities, in our own environment.

I can’t wait to see all the cool things that you all get up to out there. I will continue to post and I myself have somethings I’m creating at the moment which I’m excited about.

Take care guys and see ya on the flip side.

Char xx