Still, She Rises

When Opportunity Arises…

When opportunity arises, go for it. don’t put it off, don’t analyse it, don’t overthink it – Just go for it.

Thing is, when opportunity does arise, it’s because you have in some way put it out there that this is what you want, you’ve done the work up to this point and when these moments present themselves, in the mind it can seem exciting, a little scary, but exciting, yet in reality, when what you want arrives, although you are excited, it’s at this time that many can go into overthinking, playing out a little movies in their mind of what it could be like, making up little stores thinking they know it all. This is usually when people start to back down, allowing fear to take over, talking themselves out of it or parts of it and just give up in fear of….who knows what…maybe the uncomfortable stage, the unknown, all the what if’s.

So when what you want shows up, don’t think, get out of your head, and just feel into it, move, play and enjoy. You will find it isn’t actually that scary, you will find it is actually just as exciting as you had first imagined it to be in your mind.

When opportunity arises, this is life giving you the chance to grow, to experience new things, new people as well as to add new stories to your journey so far.

Life can be as good as the dreams you have.
If you dream of it, you’re half way there.
Go and enjoy, nothing more.