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What You Focus On Grows.

What you focus on grows…
Be it positive or negative.

So with all that is happening in the world right now,
The quick changes that are happening,
The more everyone focuses on the negative of it,
The more it will grow.
The more everyone comments, posts, mentions it (ha yeap including me right now….I’m just trying not to say the word itself) and help the media spread the word,
The more it will grow,
The more it will become a bigger problem.

Just look at Donald Trump. Everyone focused on him (be it in a negative or positive way) and look what the turn out was.
So please stop for a moment. Be still for a moment.
Take your focus off the problem itself and start to focus on the solutions.
We can not change what has already happened,
However we can help work towards better outcomes.
There are more ways than one to solve a problem… be it small or world wide.

Everyone can do their bit.
Look up, look down, look all around for other solutions to focus on.
When you focus on the solution rather than the problem everything begins to change, you will see it change, you will feel it.
Everyone is being effected in different ways.
In ways you may not even imagine right now.
Many are trying to process it all and process it in their own way (something I am learning myself to allow, to have compassion with – I can be quite strong in my opinion at times – ekkk).
I’m not saying to not worry, although that would be nice, but more so to change the focus of your thoughts and actions into a more productive manner.

Sending lots of love out into the world. May you all find the silver-lining in the changes of our world today.

Char xx