Still, She Rises

Taking Yourself Back To The Good Feels.

Do you ever take yourself back to those moments when you felt good, things were moving in the direction that felt right, when everything was just working out, falling into place, where you had a little skip in your step each day because life was good, real good. You felt you were really winning at life, in all or at least most areas, and what wasn’t really working didn’t seem so big after all as it was all in perfect balance…a nice balance of chaos & harmony…

You may have a few moments like this, you may have days or weeks that you can think back too.
If you can allow yourself to go back to those moments, these are the ones to hold onto in your mind.
They are the memories that will show you what is still possible for you now.

Maybe you are in a different space, a different place, there are different people around you now, work is different and now it’s not a matter of holding on to the past and wishing it back, but more so letting it be and simply just knowing that it can be brought to life again in a different way, with different things, with different people. Another blueprint of who you are now and not the blueprint of who you once were.

How exciting, to know more can be created, more is possible, more is available….for you.

Change is always happening, and what is going on right now, won’t be what’s going on in 5 years time, again you will find yourself in a different space then…you will have gained, you will have lost, you will have grown, you will have created new things once again. And that’s the exciting thing about life, things can change and being open to change is a wonderful thing – don’t ya think. Work with change & not against it.

So as you go along your day, bring to your mind the times where you felt in a good space. Think of the actions you took, what filled you up, what got you out of bed, what felt right for you, even how you were speaking to people, the thoughts that flowed through your mind. Feel it through every cell of your body and you will be amazed at just how quickly you can gain more of that back into your life again, no matter what’s going on for you right now.

Feel it, Be open to it and know it’s possible for you again.