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Learning Non-Attachment

Oh wow, what a week it’s been ha, for a lot of people.

This week has shown me a lot about attachment, and the difference between having or not having attachment to something.
When we are so attached to a certain thing, be it a person, situation, experience, work, even an idea and the direction changes course in a way we hadn’t planned on, it can be challenging in those times to see another option. All sorts of emotions can surface, behaviours can change and we can easily point the finger at others, wonder why, and sometimes try and force things back to what it was, or what we expected it to be like.

On the other hand, when there is no attachment, then when things change direction, it’s easier to take. Ok you may feel disappointed for a part of it, but you’re open enough to see what else there could be. You’re open to change, new ways of being, doing, seeing, more space and time for other things. Also you’re open to allowing people to make changes for themselves to, which in turn sees so much growth for everyone involved. Possibly a bit of recalibrating to be had, but overall you trust the process of it all.

I was meant to be boarding a flight to Rarotonga about now with a group of friends for a girls week away, yet with all that’s going on, we decided to cancel. This was to be my first time in Raro, so as you could imagine I was pretty excited. However, even though I felt disappointed initially on making the decision not to go, I could quickly see what I could do with that time instead. Knowing that another trip in the (hopefully) near future is planned, did help, but then I got excited for what I could do instead.
I now had extra time to work on my two businesses (which I really enjoy – most of the time), work on a number of projects that excites the pants off me, I got to play netball (winning our first game), and I got to look forward to dance class tonight.

And guess what…

Turns out dance class has also been cancelled haha.

So as I sat there in my car wondering why no one was there, I had a quick look on their fb page to find it has been put off until further notice (ok cool, in full support of that).

So now what…
Well, now I get to go and do other things I enjoy.
Yes I would have LOVED to have danced tonight – especially after the full on week it’s been (it hasn’t all been roses I’ll tell ya that much), but what I’ve come to realise is that, when anything doesn’t pan out as you’d wished it too, it opens up space for something else…ALWAYS.

Learning to have no attachment to things and people is challenging, but also, so rewarding.
There are things, I still myself, feel very attached to, and when the tide turns oh man do I feel it big time. It hurts haha. So I will keep on practicing it for myself so I can enjoy more of what life still has to bring my way.

When you think of the words like Freedom & Fun, attachment doesn’t feel present in there at all. So if you dream of more freedom and fun, practice dropping the attachment around things and you will more than likely find things will work out A-OK.