Personal, Still, She Rises


Death is one of my drivers in life.

Possibly a bit on the morbid side of thinking, sure…but death used to scare me, it no longer does. I’m more afraid of not living my life til the end than anything else.

Death is one thing that is certain in our lives, yet we think we have all the time in the world that we let many days waste away.

After coming close to death twice myself, I know what it’s like to wake up the next day (been given a second and a third chance) and realise how close it was for me. How life can change just like that. I remember both times, the next day, I was very still, very quiet, in shock of what could have been.

It took me a while to understand my feelings around it, and what it all meant.
I realised what life really meant for me…but it has taken me some time to work through it all and to start living it.

Living life in your truest form is what’s important.

Speak words of truth to yourself and to others,
The words you use have meaning.
Leave nothing left unsaid, especially with your family.
Love them with all your heart, even on the days where you don’t see eye to eye.

Love more and hate less

Heal relationships that are important to you.

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.
And apologising for your wrong doing, shows strength.

Express yourself in ways that feel good to you…through your art, your style, your voice.
Don’t be afraid to step out of the box society has created.

Accept all others for who and how they wish to express themselves too.
Choose friendships who accept you for all that you are and make time for them.

Learn from the older generations, they have walked the path before you, they have lessons to share.

Learn from the younger generations, they are showing you more of who you are and can be.

Live most of your days in ways that fill you up, bring some joy into your world.
Laugh…at yourself and with others.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and block yourself from others emotions that aren’t yours.

Drink Tea & Wine
Eat Cake & Salad
Work out & Chill
Work & Play
Laugh & Cry

Living life doesn’t mean having to fill it up with a tonne of things to do or have,
It’s more about having meaning in your life – whatever ‘meaning’ looks like to you, for you.

I’m still learning as I go through life, but I now appreciate it more than ever before.
I now appreciate where I’m from, where I am now, and where I’m heading
And all those I meet along the way.

And as the saying goes ‘Live like today is your last’
Make today count.
Do your best today.
Starting living life today.
Look forward to a new day.