Still, She Rises


One step at a time….

You’ve heard this, you know this…
But do you live by it?

Do you find yourself thinking too much about the end result,
Dreaming of all that it could be, should be, would be,
Going through all the details of that very thing,
Man, I bet you could even feel yourself getting excited over it all as you dream about it right.

Then BOOM!

You’re mind flicks you right back to where you are right now,
And you start to tell you’re self that it’s just not reality to dream like that,
You tell yourself that you could never have, be or do that very thing,
You tell yourself you’re too old, too young, not enough,
You don’t have the time,
You don’t have the resources,
You just start talking yourself right on out of it all.

And…you’ve just taken yourself on a roller coaster of emotions within minutes.
All these things you tell yourself, are just excuses,
It’s just YOU standing in the way of what you really want.

So what if…just what if
In those moments, where you start to talk yourself out of it all,
Instead, you begin to ask yourself this…

What’s just one thing I can do…right now…no matter how big or small
Just one thing…that’s all, nothing more.

If you want it that bad,
You will find the time,
You will make the time,
You will do what it takes to work on what ever it is you want,
Whether it’s for self, that job, a business, a relationship, a new product,
You get to make it happen.

It’s great to dream,
And wow, what a cool feeling when you do – hold onto that and never let it go.
That my friend is your soul dancing around and that’s what will pull you through.
Don’t turn your back on your soul…ever.

Just keep coming back to the now, to take those steps.
You know, it’s all those little steps that make the difference in the end.
You totally know it.
So just go and do that one thing, and then repeat…next step.

Everything you dream of, wish for, you deserve to have,
Start to see, know and own your worth,
And trust and believe in you!
You’ve got this x

Now get off here and go take that one step would ya

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