Coronavirus, Still, She Rises


Are you starting to feel as you did eight weeks ago, when we were about to move into level three…the feeling of uncertainty, the unknown once again, or the knowing that things will be different, which can feel unsettling.

We now know what it was like before,
We have felt & experienced new things in level three.
We felt the uncertainty at the beginning and then we all settled into it, we all began to recalibrate in this space.

Many, enjoying life as it has been during this time.
And as always, there were things we didn’t enjoy, we had days that weren’t the best.
This just shows us that no matter what space we live in, you experience life’s ups & downs.

So as we move back into level two, people are starting to feel anxious…it’s the uncertainty playing its part again.
What will it be like?
Not wanting to lose what you have learnt.
The things you have enjoyed and not wanting the demands of life to pull you back in again.

Well, as we move, you, once again, get to choose.
You get to decide what fits and feels good for you.
You get to set the rules for your life – it’s that simple.

If you want to keep space in your life – do it.
Take your lessons, fit it into life in level two,
And as you do, you will again recalibrate to that.

Like any change you accept or new experiences you gain in life, at the beginning it can feel wobbly & uncertain.
But the more you live it, the more it becomes a part of you, a part of your life,
The more you learn to adjust to it.

Just remember not to push against it, as this can make things more challenging for you, it will slow down the process of adjusting to a new normal.
Just trust that what you choose for your life moving forward will come to a place of comfort in time.
It may mean standing in your own space, voicing exactly what is for you & what’s not.
Not everyone will agree with your choice, but know that what you decide for yourself, is what’s important in your world most of all.

This time has also shown many how adjustable one can be,
How change can make a difference in so many ways.
This change was one you didn’t choose for yourself.
So just imagine, if the changes you do get to choose on your terms…I hope you can now see how adjustable you can be, How you’re able to see and learn the lessons & recalibrate in time.
So know you’re capable of change,
Capable of moving through uncertainty, the wobbly parts and coming out the other side with a new look on life, your life and what’s truly important.