Still, She Rises


What are you willing to risk?
What are you willing to put on the line?

Are you willing to risk loosing yourself in order to keep that relationship, job, friendship, a life that looks good to the outside world? Because that seems easier, less confronting or confrontational, looking less like a failure.

Or are you willing to risk it all, in order to bring your true self to the surface.

My hope, is that you choose you and risk it all.


Because if you sit in the space of wanting change in your life, in yourself, wanting more for who you are as a human, the feelings you feel inside, the way in which you dance through life, connections with others that feel so good…yet you do nothing about it, you’re essentially not valuing yourself, valuing your relationship, valuing all the things you want to be great in your life and in the end this is where resentment, regret, anger, disconnect grows…..and the possibility of loosing it all in the end anyway.

So on the flip side of this…when you focus on you, when you focus on what you value in your life, what makes you feel fulfilled inside, what connects you to yourself, everything else around you starts to come into place, starts to move to where it’s meant to be. Sometimes things move away from you, and out of your life, where others things become closer, more connected, strengthened…which is the coolest part.

If we look at others to make the change so our life can look and feel different… you will be waiting forever and even if, by chance, some change does take place, it wont’ bring you the fulfilment you desire, because it’s not coming from within you…for you.

Yet when you make the changes, when you take responsibility for the part you play, when you focus on your own needs, those around you witness this, they see the parts that they may also like to try out for themselves. They see the person that you are and they start to want a piece of that too – for themselves.
You know you can not change another, so stop trying…and just change what you want for yourself.

Fulfilment within brings great relationships, opens you up to the work you desire to do, gives you the confidence to make the choices that feel right for you, gives you the strength to support yourself in so many ways and gives you the time and space for all that you value in life.

Love yourself – you will love others
Respect yourself – you will respect others
Honour yourself – you will honour others
Forgive yourself – you will forgive others
Give time for yourself – And you will have time for others.