Still, She Rises


Have you ever said, there’s just not enough time in the day?
Me too.
Have you ever said, time goes so fast?
Me too.
Have you ever said, I need more time?
Yeah, Me too.

We all know we have the same amount of time as everyone else hey,
We all know, once that time has gone, we can never get it back,
The only difference between you and others is how you spend your time.
What you choose to spend your time on is what makes the biggest difference of all.

I used to stress so much about not having enough time to get all I wanted done,
I felt like I was falling behind on everything,
There was just not enough time to do it all.
There was never enough time between kids & work and having a life of some kind.
So I just put all my time in to just that, kids & work…I made very little time for much else.
I didn’t make anything else a top priority…even though I valued it, and wanted time for those other things,
I just felt too busy, and focused on the two things I thought had to have all the focus.

Then I heard

Katrina Ruth say
‘There is always enough time for all that is important, and all that isn’t important will fall away’
Or something along those lines…
So now I go through my days with this in my mind.
‘There is always enough time for all that is important’

I took a look at what I truly valued in life and I made time for it.
Not only was I still getting the things that needed to be done with kids & work, I now had/made more time for friendships, family, self.
Simply by knowing & trusting there was always going to be enough time.
Always knowing I have more time tomorrow.

Allowing myself to include all that I value into my days, weeks, months has only enriched my life.
Has given it even more meaning and value and a lot more fun.

This week alone has seen me do the work I love and serve my clients, write, create a new service offer, be with my family, family chats on the phone, work on my property, catch up with four friends from different stages of life & time by myself to nurture me. I feel satisfied, I feel relaxed, my cup is fill.

And although I can see my to-do list (which is never ending) staring at me in the face, I trust there will always be enough time for all that is important.