Personal, Still, She Rises


I’ve sat for a days watching, thinking, taking it all in.
My mind jumping around all over the place wondering if I should speak and share.
We all have a say if we choose too.
For me it’s not about trying to say the right thing, it was more about how to express all that’s in my mind.
It can become heavy at times, yet not speaking allows the heaviness to stay around and educating myself so I can educate my children is what’s important.

You see me as white, yet I am a mixture of Maori, Pakeha, Croatian.
You see my daughter who is brown, yet is a mixture or Maori, Pakeha, Croatian.
You see my Mum who is white, yet is a blend of both Maori & Pakeha.
You see my Grandad who was dark, who was Maori & Pakeha.
We look different, yet we are very much the same.

Here in Aotearoa and around the world, many of us are multicultural yet all have different coloured skin.
Yet each one can be treated differently because of this at times.
I have seen and experienced this with my own family, the different ways in which one can be treated.
It’s nothing short of disgraceful and it’s also far from what many live with on a daily basis, I understand this.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a strong sense of connection to both my Maori & Croatian side. However I was not brought up living & breathing these cultures, it is only now that I am an adult that I am trying to learn more about this part of me. It was not passed down to us through the generations, something that many have experienced. So it is up to me to learn this for myself and I this has already began.

No one chooses what family they are born into, however we do get to choose how we respond towards others.

I do not tolerate, condone, judgement, harm, separation by the colour of ones skin.
I do not accept it in my home, in my circle of friends or family.
I want to know people for who they are as an individual person and nothing more.

As soon as we identify ourselves or others by the colour of their skin, we separate ourselves from one another.
We make us different from one another.

Somewhere along the line, in my family & in many around the world
Forgiveness, Acceptance and Love was exchanged,
For our families to blend together…and for some it was such a courageous act to follow through with,
Something I’m pleased they did.
We still have a long way to go and the only way to get there is by doing more of this.
The exchange of Forgiveness, Acceptance & Love.
For it to start with you.
For it to start in your home, with your children, to educate them,
In your circle of family & friends.
To not separate people by the colour of their skin or culture.
We are already seeing videos & photos of forgiveness, acceptance & love being exchanged in America via media,
We can see that it can be done.
We just need more of it and to continue it…here in our own land of New Zealand and our neighbours, Australia.

The more hate expressed towards those who have their head in the sand,
Who don’t speak up, who don’t know what to say,
Or who speak up but you don’t think they have an understanding,
Just adds to the separation of us all too.
You don’t have to voice on social media, just start where you are, in your circle and it will continue to spread.

The more you allow it, the more it will continue.
The more you separate yourself & others by the colour of your skin, the more others will too…be you white or dark.
We are all humans, with heart, breath, feelings…

All change starts with Forgiveness, Acceptance & Love.