Still, She Rises

What Are You Putting Into Your Self Storage Unit?

Are you just throwing a whole lotta shit into your self storage thinking you’ll clean it up another day, that you don’t have the time, that you don’t have the energy for it, that you can’t be bothered.

You know it will all stay a mess, until you do something about it.
Until you start to declutter and get some order back in there.
Until you start to filter out what belongs and what doesn’t,
Until you start to take care of that self storage, it will stay the same.

So what are you storing inside of you ha.
Everyday, what are you allowing through, what are you giving a free pass to.
What are you allowing to take up your space.
Positive or Negative.
What ever you choose to storage in your self storage unit is who you will be, it is who you will continue to become.
You are in charge of what goes in and what gets to come out.
You get to choose every single time.

In the morning,
During the day,
At the end of your day.
What you put in, is what you get out.
No matter what
You are responsible.
You are in charge…100%

No matter what is going on around you.
No matter what others are throwing at you, you get to put your hand up to it if it doesn’t belong in your self-storage. This is your space. You get to decide how you handle it, manage it, change it.

If you no longer want to have certain conversations, speak up and say so or redirect it into another topic, or if you have to, walk away.
If you no longer want to feel a certain way, decide right then and take your own power back.

What ever you no longer want, please do something about it, it’s not up to anyone else but you.
Things won’t always go the way you had hoped and one day you will see it was the right way in the end.
But what you do have control over, what you are responsible for is how you react, the actions you take, what you decide to do from here on in and what you decide to feed your mind, body and soul with.

Everyday feed yourself with good things. Use as many senses as possible.
Read something that grows your knowledge, that inspires you.

Listen to something uplifting, be it a motivation piece or your favourite music. Throw in what makes you laugh too.

Feel your body as it moves through your workout. As your feet hit the pavement as you run. The sand between your toes as you stroll the beach. Hug the ones you love, that you care about. As you shower be kind to your own body by the way you wash yourself.

Fill the air with scents that make you feel good. Wear your favourite perfume every day, let your essential oils fill the room, place flowers around your home.

Feed your body with good food that fuels your body and don’t be afraid to treat yourself with some soul food every week too.

Many people say they just want to be happy.
Well, happiness comes from how you feel within yourself, about yourself.
Strengthening your internal foundation by filling your self storage with all that feeds you & uplifts you will bring you the happiness that you are and have been looking for.
Stop looking outside of you and start to looking within.
You’ve got this – you really do!