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Certainty With A Little Mystery

One thing I find so attractive in humans is their certainty within themselves, in what they do, in how they do it, how they walk through life exuding such certainty. You can see they are owning who they are and all that they have to give in this world. Their certainty shows the love, for what they do and for those around them.

Having certainty is a choice, it’s something you can practice, it’s something you to can obtain for yourself, within yourself.

I see the certainty in the person who no matter what they do, whether they love to cook, build, speak, write, teach, act or paint, by the way they move around the their space, by the way they hold and use their tools, by the way they throw all the ingredients together with such ease, by the way they speak about, listen and interact with others on the subject of what they love…it’s beautiful to watch, it’s like they are creating their own piece of music, their own song to share with the world.

I also see certainty within a person when I’m photographing them. Sometimes it’s a little glimpse, a split second, sometimes it’s oozing out of them the whole time. It’s that moment when they decided to be seen, to own who they were for that moment. I see it in their eyes, I see it by the way they hold themselves, I feel it coming through them.

It’s the certainty within people that you are seeing everyday wondering how they can do something, how they can put themselves out there, how they can take action on all that they do and you wonder why you feel you’re unable to do so.
These people you see, they still feel nervous, they still get the wobbles but one thing they know for sure is what and why they are doing what they do. They know their purpose, they have a belief that what they create and have to share is important…You too can do this.

Start believing that who you are and what you have to offer this world is enough. Really just know that it is enough. You are enough. That every little step you take, will bring you more confidence. The certainty within yourself will come…practice it, believe it, own it, trust it, have fun with it, have fun with what you do, enjoy the ride.

I don’t care which area of your life it is. Whether it’s in the work you do, within your family, parenting, relationships, hobbies, your wellbeing…just start believing that what you are doing is for the good of your self, your higher self, your whole self and by doing so, by owning it, that you are also giving to others in ways you probably don’t even realise.

When you can bring certainty into your world, there will be no messing with you, those around you will know that you stand by what you do, they will feel it from you, it will radiate from you like the heat waves of the sun. If you’re in the wishy washy state and lack certainty, this is when you will feel people will be questioning you, judging you, throwing all their opinions on you, it may be hard for you to be clear, get clear on what you want for yourself or to do in this life of yours.

I can see the areas in my own life in which I am very certain in, I can feel it and I can see it.
I can also see and feel when I’m not. I can feel my body drop down, I hear my voice lower and stumble with my words, I start to lack confidence, my eyes don’t shine and I can stop dead in my track not knowing which way to turn next.
When I get into this space, I observe myself and my actions – I find it fascinating actually. Being so certain in some areas and not others, so many dimensions to self it cracks me up.

Certainty for me comes when I start being true to who I am, true to the work I want to do and when I start to be all that I want to be. I love the feeling of certainty but at the same time it’s also nice to not be so certain about everything in life, to leave a little mystery for life to happen, to unfold, for little surprises to pop up….it’s knowing when to be certain and when to be free and open to other possibilities in life.