Still, She Rises

Nothing Is A Mistake. Nothing!

Everything you have done & experienced,
Every person you have meet,
Everything you have in your life,
Everything that you have lost.
None of it was a mistake or a failure.
It was, it is, actually a gain.

I get that in some cases, for somethings, it’s so hard to understand or even see that.
To think everything has been a gain in your life, because I know first hand it doesn’t feel like that.
Those things that were so painful, those things you wish you could take back, that you wish could be so different, how on earth can that be a gain in ones life. But I do hope one day that you will be shown that it was all meant to happen, for you in a strange way.

None of us know what life will have in store for us.
We could never ever plan for what life has planned.
And shit, who really wants to know the plan anyway.
We all wish and dream of the perfect, beautiful life with the most amazing relationships, income, home, work, outcome.
But life just wouldn’t be much if it was all plain sailing.
The line of our heart beat is up and down.
Life has a heart beat, so it too is up and down.
Life is a mixture of Chaos and Harmony, Light and Darkness, that’s what makes life beautiful.

Everything you have had, done, places you have been, all that you have learnt has brought you to where you are today, right now in this moment.
All the work you have done, brings you to where you are now.
All the relationships you have experienced, brings you to where you are right now.
All the fails and losses, have brought you to where you are now.
So what have you learnt.
What can you see in this that is for you. That may have changed you.

What ever you have had in your life, don’t let it harden you, let it soften you,
Allow it to give you more compassion and love
Allow it to strengthen your boundaries
Allow it to teach you forgiveness
Allow it to guide you into what you really want for yourself.
Allow your failures to be your freedom.

Know you are never the only one.
Know there are always others out there who too are experiencing chaos and harmony.
Embrace it all just as you would embrace someone you love in your arms.

You get to decide what you do with all that has brought you to where you are today.
You can sit and continue to wonder why,
Or you get to bundle it all up and make something of it.
I hope you choose the latter as there are so many opportunities and possibilities in what you have been given.
It’s all within you, so I hope you choose you, for all that you are.