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What are you actually here for?….

There’s so much stuff in life that we feel we “HAVE TO DO”
Ways we ‘HAVE TO BE”
And when I think about it all, all the ways we feel we
‘HAVE TOO….’ tires me out.
I feel deflated if anything and really restricted.

Maybe it’s the creativeness that is me, that needs, requires, more freedom in self,
For freedom in life, during my days, my weeks, my years….
So I can feel more joy, so I can feel like I’m living, not just surviving.
To be able to do what feels good in every given moment.
For a long time I felt so serious about life, I was being so serious in life,
It all felt too stiff and rigid.
And over the past few years now, I’ve been allowing that side of me to shred…to fall away bit by bit.

There’s a small part of me that likes a little structure in different areas, and thats ok too,
Call that balance if you wish…
However I don’t personally believe there is such a thing called balance, unless you’re balancing on a beam that is….
Its more that you’re just in the flow of life itself when things are good and out of alignment when things aren’t playing ball…the little wake up calls we all need from time to time.

But there’s a lot more of me that loves to move and dance with creativity.
It’s allowing yourself, all of you, to come alive.
Allowing yourself to step away from what you think you need to do or be,
To be able to be all of who you are.
Fully, Completely, Unapologetically.

To speak in a way that is you…
And not have to watch your words.

To move in a way that is you…
And not have to watch your step.

When you allow yourself to be all of you,
The reason you are here becomes clear,
Simply because you start to have the conversations, the real conversations that feed you, that light you up.

You start to invite more of what you do want into your space.
You start doing the things…all the things…that brings you joy and all that doesn’t drops off.

You know what do it, because you feel it, you know it, you are it.
You allow yourself to do it, you find a way to do it & be it.

If you’re here to write, then write,
If you’re here to cook, then cook,
If you’re here to sing, then sing,
If you’re here to grow food, then do so
If you’re here to support people in what ever way that tickles your fancy, then do that.
What ever it is you dream about, that gets all your juices flowing…do more of that.
That is what you are here to do and in a way that is you…
All of you and nothing less.

I’m here to help women & their families be seen in all their uniqueness by using my photography & my words
It’s what’s important for me in my own life, to be all of who I am and own that for myself.
I want the same for you too.
It’s all a learning curve,
There are so many different layers of it too,
But it’s simply about becoming so aware of who you are,
What you’re all about and leaning into more of that.

This is where joy, happiness, fulfilment lives,
And I know this is where many of us desire to be.

So what are you here for?
Are you ready to show up for yourself and be that person?
Are you ready to be seen as that person (that you already are)?

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