Coronavirus, Still, She Rises


Are you dancing along with life or against it?

I get life has it’s challenges, and some pretty hairy ones at that,
I know, because I’ve experienced some pretty hefty things myself in life…just as so many other people have.

So really, what I’m talking about here is our day to day life, our so called normal way of living…that’s what many are making hard for themselves.

Choosing things that just aren’t for them.
To keep up with others, to look a certain way.
Filling their days with unnecessary things (that don’t add value really) because it seems like the right thing to do,
And not finding their own rhythm and dancing to their own tune.

You don’t need more things to do to become a better version of who you are.
You have it all already.
You’re just not trusting in yourself and what you already know,
Or trusting in what you are being guided towards through your own body’s messages,
Through those little nudges you keep receiving.

You know those nudges…
(I know you do…but you’re just pushing them to the side, hoping they’ll go away).

When you hang out with people where it feels off just a little or a lot.
When you say yes to that thing, because well you just couldn’t say no.
Filling your body with those things that you know will make you feel terrible afterwards.
Staying with that person, because you’re scared to be alone.
Not reaching out to people, because you’re afraid of what they might think of you.

You don’t need any more science, proof, to prove to you on what you need for yourself, your body, your life.
You don’t need another telling you what you need, what the right or wrong way is for you,
You, yourself, are already being told, being shown…by YOU.

Sit with yourself and become truly aware of what works for you and what doesn’t.

How many hours sleep does your body really need? – test it.
What style of exercise do you enjoy most? – do more of that.
What food works best for your body ?- do more of that too.
When does your body tell you to eat? – listen, it knows.
What work do you truly LOVE to do, what the hell lights you up? – do more of that, everyday if you can, or at least work towards it.
Who do you really enjoy being around, who do you truly feel yourself around? – hang out with them more.
What else do you know that really works for you?

The comfort seems easier, because it’s been apart of you for so long,
Or even the busyness seems like the right thing, because it’s been you for so long.
It is challenging to stop something that has been a part of you for as long as you can remember,
It’s hard to undo old beliefs, old values, old ways when it’s all you’ve known,
And yeah, it takes time to create new ways…but it can be done, if you want different.

And… Don’t you think you’re worth it.
To listen to those little nudges,
Those little messages,
And create something new for you…
Just think, if what life is like in this present moment, that feels hard, heavy, tiring, what is life really all about …
Imagine what it could be like.
If you can imagine it, this can become a reality.

Near the end of last year, I simplified my life.
I let go of a whole lot of things, mentally, physically, emotionally.
I put a fine tooth comb through my whole life and got really clear on what I wanted life to look like moving forward.
Last year was a big year for me in many ways, but letting go of so much was the best decision ever.
Then I was tested to see if it was really what I wanted for myself.
Oh and then Covid-19 hit – yeah thanks for that haha….
But to be honest….I believe it’s been just the thing many have needed…Me included.
A chance to run the fine tooth comb through life again, or go deeper and open up to what feels right going forward.

Learn to just dance with life….your life.
Some days will be a slow waltz, a shuffle or a slight sway (doing nutta, nothing, very little)
Other days you’ll feel like you’re in a mad head banging mosh pit cranking through the moves (getting shit done)
Both ways are just right…this is the dance of life….this is where life can be good.
Keeping things too much to one side is where we find the challenges hit,
Each dance has all different rhythms…allow yourself to follow your inner dance every day and you will see some great things come through.