Still, She Rises


When we speak about having a story, the majority of people think it needs to be one of hardship, challenges, sadness, trauma…and that, that’s what gives people the strength…but no, not at all, that’s not always the way, and thank god for that too.

A story can also be beautiful, fun, amazing, good…soooo good.
There are good life stories just as there are challenging life stories.

So if you feel you have no story…guess what, you do….oh you do.
And it’s your story that people need to hear too.

It’s your life journey that inspires people to see there is a way,
That when they see you living life the way you do, they will learn from you just by you being you.
You give them hope that life can be good…in so many, if not all areas of life.
You give them hope that there is another way.

Those who have faced challenges in their life, pull from people like you.
So please don’t stop enjoying, celebrating, the life you have made for yourself.
The one you feel so grateful to have,
We need you to keep being you.

I know this to be true,
Because I myself, looked at, admired, watched, learnt from the women I’ve had the honour of meeting and knowing over the years who are living the life I dreamed of.
And bit by bit I implement it into my own life.

So, if you have a story like mine…one of challenges,
Please, when you hear about women, speak with women, who loves and enjoys her life as it is and has been.
Don’t envy her,
Instead admire her and learn from her.
She has been added to this world to show us there is a way.

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