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Trust + Belief + Patience

It’s all ya need to do….

Trust in the process of life…your life.
Belief or faith, which ever way you choose to look at it…in yourself and what will be true for you…because it’s what you want.
And Patience…oh patience, so important in life…taking it all as it comes, when it comes and to not try and rush any part of the process…(which also doesn’t mean to do nothing)

If you continue to rush along in life, expecting it all to be as it should be now, you will find you will actually delay all that is meant for you.
You will experience other things that aren’t truly meant for you, instead of what is.
You will miss the point of it all if you avoid things and try and push things along.
Don’t be afraid to just sit and be where you are….no matter how uncomfortable it may feel or be….
Allowing yourself to sit through all that’s uncomfortable, will see you get to where you want to be a lot faster in the long run…even if it may not feel that way now.

You will receive just as you had imagined in your mind.
It may be hard to see it, but any uncomfortable stages, disappointments, challenges happen to bring you back to having trust, belief & patience.
I don’t know how many times I wouldn’t allow myself to just sit with it all as it was….
And now, that’s all I do.
I sit with it all now…as uncomfortable as it is sometimes, how quiet it may be, how slow it may feel, how impatient I may become….I now always bring myself back to sitting with life as it is now.
I then use that time to focus
Sometimes focusing more on me…
Sometimes focusing more on my kids…
Sometimes focusing more on my work…
But very little now on my future.

I look towards it – yes, to keep the vision in me,
Then I stop and come back to now.
Right here…Right now!
It’s all we have.

Allow it to all just be…
Trust that the most amazing things will unfold as you probably could have never imagined.
What a beautiful gift.

Right now, right here, we all have a gift.