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Growth Starts With A Little Frustration…

A good part of growth starts with a little (or a lot of) frustration…
Frustration in where you’re at right now,
Frustration in enough is enough,
Frustration in I’m done being who I’m being,
Frustration in I’m done doing what I’m doing,
Frustration in being in one place for too long,

You get the point…so there’s nothing wrong with frustration at all…
But be sure to use it to your advantage.
It’s your silent kick up the butt,
It’s your sign that it’s time to make a move,
It’s your system activating itself for a new level of self.

I used to get frustrated that I was frustrated.
Can you imagine how frustrating that was for me…haha it got me no where, I’ll tell ya that much.
Now every time I feel that frustration coming on and it gets strong and stronger,
I kinda get a little excited, shit’s about to change and fast.

One example of this for me is,
Both times I’ve needed to move house, I’d start looking, applying and getting no where,
I hadn’t set my full intention with it all,
I hadn’t got into that space of fully deciding on having it,
And then both times, with both house moves, one night I had hit the frustration point,
Locked in what I wanted,
Pressed go on action,
And the next day I had a house to look at that ticked the boxes,
And I was accepted after viewing.

It seems to happen in many area’s of my life…
But what I’ve noticed that makes it really come into reality,
Is that after frustration, after I take the action,
I let it go…it actually moves from my mind, automatically.
And I come in to a place of now.
It’s strange, fascinating, but cool.

Whenever I try to think myself into letting go of something, it seems to take more effort or a little longer.
I need the frustration as my kick starter.
Frustration is my guide in to what I really want for myself.
I usually let all my frustration out on my journal,Sometimes my hand can’t keep up with all that’s spilling out of me,
Sometimes I can’t read my writing, it’s coming that fast.
It’s very matter of fact, straight to the point, no fluff, no BS
Just what I want…Just decided…

So next time you feel frustrated, ask yourself what is it, what are you frustrated at, done with, had enough of being or doing…and see what comes up for you…see where it takes you…it’s usually to a good place of truth and growth.

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I want the same for you too.
To grow in a way that is right and fills you up.