Are You Sending Out Negative Vibes? Then I Suggest You Stop!


Can I just say something?
Well it’s not a question really, haha as I’m going to say it anyway.

If you wish bad on people, because you feel they have done wrong by you.
If you wish for things to not work out for people for some reason or another,
If you wish to try and cheat someone in some way be it financially, in relationships, through business, in life (damn)
Sure your wish may come true, for a moment, for that moment,
Sure you may be able to sit and smile and think, take that,
Sure you may feel satisfied that they now get to feel a piece of how they made you feel,
But trust me that will get you no where yourself really, not in the end.

Firstly, all you are doing is filling yourself up with a negative energy to pass that out onto others,
That is not good for your health, wellbeing, state of mind or future.
And man, who wants unnecessary negative energy in them anyway…nope, no thanks.
And secondly, those you wish negativeness on, will come out on top in another way.
If you continue to fill yourself up with negative energy, your outcomes in life will reflect that.

If someone does wrong by you, in your view.
Or even if they haven’t and you just have some weird moment with them, about them.
The best thing you can do is get clear on your communication,
Sometimes communication isn’t needed and you just need to let it go….because it’s your deal, not theirs.
Other times communication is needed to find a solution, to see if things can be worked out and not in a way that is just to point the finger and make them feel bad. That does nothing.

If they have to be a part of your world, then sort it out with love,
If not, then don’t waste your time or prepping of negative energy onto them – simple.
If anything, just send out good vibes, loving vibes to them as best you can.
Wish them well, wish the best for them, hope things work out for them,
Even if they have done wrong by you in your view.
Because usually, love is all they need.
Usually if someone does wrong by you, it’s because something is up with them and they’re unsure how to communicate that and maybe they just have a few life lessons to go through, haha and you’re the chosen one for them to learn from, there will be lessons in there for you too by the way, just to let ya know.

And like I said before, if they haven’t done wrong by you, then you need to sort yourself out on that one and leave them out of it. Give yourself some love.
Fill yourself up with the Love vibe and pass that on to all those that need it.
By doing so, you will come out on top and hopefully they will feel your feels and they too will come out on top.
There’s enough negativeness in this world, we don’t need to add to it with silly, stupid minor stuff.

Love vibes or Let it be.

Char xx