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Putting Your Hand Up To Temptation

We’ve all caved at some time or many times in our lives into temptation knowing that when we do, for a moment (a quick moment for that matter) it will feel sooo good, comfortable, even exciting maybe.

Your mind has the ability to trick you into thinking that this is what you want, just for this moment.
You even have the ability to justify the actions you want to take or even convincing yourself that this will be the last one or the last time. That it won’t hurt just this once.
You make a promise to yourself, tomorrow will be different, I will start again tomorrow, after this no more. Anyone listening to you, would even believe you, you seem so certain.
The problem here is…even though you’ve voweled to yourself just one more, once you take action on that, another day like today will come and you will be back to saying the same things again to yourself. You will be back to fighting with temptation.

Stop giving into your temptations. Temptations are short lived, short-term fixes.
Temptations are tempting for sure, because of how it makes you feel in that moment, the satisfaction from what you receive from that thing, that action, whatever it is for you.

Just putting your hand up to temptation isn’t enough sometimes…
Ya gotta keep holding your hand up, don’t let it drop, hold til it hurts a little.
Resist, resist and keep holding yourself to what you actually want for yourself.
Hold and find your strength to keep holding yourself there.

Bring your goals, your dreams, your desires that will see you get to where you want to go to the forefront of your mind and get acquainted with them again.
Get excited about them again, check back in with yourself again of what you actually want – long term focus, not short term fixes.

When I was in primary, I would get homesick when staying at friends places, more times than not I would end up back at home that night, never managing to stay the whole night. I remember many times waking in the morning feeling disappointed in myself for not staying, for giving in, wishing I should of just stayed. The few times that I would make it through the night (even if I did cry myself to sleep haha) I would wake feeling sooo good, proud of myself for making it through the night, having the ‘yeah I got dis’ attitude going on.

So before you lean into temptation, have a good, sometimes, long hard think about how it will make you feel, really feel, if you eat that damn chocolate cake (or in my case the tonne of baking I did today that’s sitting on my bench for the kids school lunches), or taking that action you’re thinking of taking, maybe it’s hanging out with those people who really don’t rock your boat…how will you feel tomorrow if you go ahead with it (and don’t say fine, because you know you will probably beat yourself up, you’ve been here before, in this very moment – and it will just keep repeating until you do something about it – just saying).

If you don’t want to feel that way…then HOLD, HOLD, HOLD and KEEP HOLDING
Practice not folding into temptation, into comfort, into short-term fixes or satisfaction.
You are stronger than that.
Your goals, your dreams, is what you really want
Long term.
Hold and wake up feeling good tomorrow.
The more you learn to hold yourself up against temptation, the stronger you will become within yourself.
Do all the things that make you feel amazing before, during and afterwards, while still working towards what you want.

Check in with self and refocus.
Get excited,
Fall in love with your dreams and with what you want for your life.