Personal, Still, She Rises

Break Open And Allow All The Golden Goodness To Flow Right On In

I know there are days when you’re feeling a bit worse for wear.
Like everything is coming all at once and you need a break from it all.
Maybe you’re feeling a little broken, or even smashed to pieces in some cases.
Just know you’re not broken, not at all, you’re simply just breaking open to become stronger within yourself.
Breaking open is setting you free if you can just see the lesson being shown to you.

Just as the old Japanese art of repairing broken artefact by painting their breaks with gold. This only strengthens it, it showcases the fractures and makes it more beautiful, more meaningful, with more depth and soul, with more stories to tell.

The same can be true for you.
Don’t be afraid to ever break open, to open up, to let the pain of you out.
Don’t be afraid to share your worries, your challenges with others with whom you can trust.

Trying to hide all your pain, all your fractures, all your scars, your so called defects, you will only feel weaker by doing so.
Break open and allow it all to be released, not only for you, but for others too.
You’re not broken, you’re not a right off, you’re beautiful just as you are.

And who doesn’t like a bit of golden goodness.
Let your light be apart of you, let yourself be seen for all of who you are…all of it.
Breaking open brings compassion into your world,
It brings more love into your world,
It brings the people who truly care into your world,
It brings connection that is like no other into your world.

Years ago, I felt broken, so broken that I thought it not possible to be anything other than who I was.
I wish you could meet my younger self, so you could see for yourself just how different the two of me are.
Now I try to paint golden light back into me, no matter what.
Let’s just say, if my life fractures were visible, I’d have a whole lotta gold running through me.
Each gold line representing a piece of me that has been strengthened for the better.

Trying to hold yourself together as the perfect original being just doesn’t cut it.
That in itself is destroying to your soul,
That is you hiding, pretending all is well, when really it isn’t.
Break open, allow the gold to run through you, so you can see for yourself just how amazing,
How beautiful,
How soulfully attractive you really are.