Mastery Of Self….Anyone Keen?

There are so many people out there mastering the work they do in this world,
Becoming the go to person in their field, in their industry.
Wanting to be the best trainer, the best electrician, dancer, accountant, builder, photographer etc….
Which I think is amazing and I’m all for that 100%.
But what about yourself, what about mastering YOU!

We think it’s ok and great to master the work we do, and although it is apart of who we are (especially if you’re already doing what you love), it is still outside of us, it is still something external to us.
When we are asked about ourselves, we state what we do, but that’s not who we are, it is just simply what we do.
By all means, master the work you do, but don’t forget about you as a person, as an individual also.
Doing so, will help you become a better master in the work you do….hmmm

So I’d love you to think for a moment about mastery of self.
Getting to know you in all ways, in every way.
To know your triggers, to know your strengths, weaknesses, what works, what doesn’t work for you,
To know when you need to party and when you need to chill by yourself.
To know when to speak up and use your voice, or when to stay quiet and just let it be for what it is.
To get to know yourself more than anyone else who may think they know you better than yourself.
Maybe in some cases they do, because some may be to afraid to look at and face up to the truth of them.
It can be a little unsettling facing up to your own truths (trust me, I have faced a few and still am),
But at the same time, it’s also rewarding on the other side.

Can one master ones self?
Maybe, possibly, anything is possible so they say.
To be honest, I have no idea myself, but I will continue to try, that shit excites me and for some it would probably bore the pants off you just thinking about it….BUT….
It wouldn’t if you knew who you were and what you wanted out of life, because you would simply just go after all that you love (what ever that is for you) – now to me, that doesn’t sound boring at all.
So why not give it a go…try it on for size….I bet you’ll find the perfect fit for you.
Mastering yourself, isn’t just for you, it’s also for all those around you. Your family, your friends, ya lover, even ya fur babies….everyone wins from you choosing to look after and grow within yourself.

So what’s holding you back ha?
If someone did wrong by you – so, forgive them and carry on.
If you did wrong by someone – so, forgive you and carry on.
If you think you’re too old or too young – ahh your age is just a number, carry on.
If you’ve been hurt – you’re not the only one, pick yourself up, carry on.
If you think someone is more ahead of you – so, just start where you are
If you think someone knows more than you – so, there will always be some who knows more, just do you and carry on.
If you think you weigh too much, aren’t good looking enough, ahh nope, stop it and carry on.
Worried about what your family or friends will say – so, let them have their opinion, you do you and carry on.
You don’t have the support you wish you had – so, support yourself and you will soon see just how much you actually have around you.

They are all just stories you’re telling yourself.
I think I’ve used everyone of these excuses at some point – probably more.
Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from getting to really know YOU!
Be the legacy you want to leave behind one day.
Be YOU, Be the best YOU can be – only you know what that looks like.
You are so worth it.

I have two generations below me, they are my reason behind everything I do in life, that makes it worth all the experiences, all the learnings…they are my why.