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Everything Is Energy…Energy Is Everything

I never thought I’d be one to think about energy on a deeper level, let alone talk about it as it seemed all a bit woo woo, and wishy washy. I’ve been looking at it and playing around with it all a lot lately and the more I do the more I am so amazed at how it works in a practical sense.

We are all energy, everything we touch is energy. Energy can feel good and not so good, but either way it’s our choice in what energy we want to work with each day.

I’ve been really enjoying playing with it. Seeing how I can adjust the energy within me if I choose too. The other day I woke up feeling blah for no reason at all, just felt flat. As soon as I felt that, I knew I didn’t want to have a day like that, so I sat with it for a moment then thought stuff this you can move right along.

In the past I would have just thought, here we go, a day like this again and that’s how my day would pan out…flat, shit, dumb. Instead I got up, flicked on the music I love, thought about cool things, wrote about cool things that I want to see happen and got moving…it ended up being a really cool day as I was able to shift that flat energy and turn it into a higher vibration.

The times I’m feeling the good energy, it still amazes me the good shit that can happen in those days, what shows up and what can come about in those times. The exact same goes when I’m feeling the low energy, I can create the complete opposite.

So I will continue to play with this, to get a deeper understanding of it all. To really feel into it all more. The more we can allow the feeling of joy, love and good vibes into our bodies, into the work we do (even if you’re in a job you don’t like at the moment) I believe good things will come from it. However in saying this, when shit things happen in life, I still believe in really feeling into those feelings too, to allow yourself to feel whatever emotions are coming up and not to try and cover them up with happy happy joy joy and too allow yourself to be with it for a moment, to let it move through and out of your body in which every way that needs to come out.

Anyway try it for yourself.

If you ever wake feeling flat just because, decide to have a good day, sit and think what that would feel like, think of things that make you feel good, what makes you smile, brings you joy. Move your body, put on your favourite sounds and feel it all. Anytime a thought that doesn’t match how you want to feel pops into your mind, just put your hand up to it and stop it in it’s tracks.

Trust me, you can totally flip your energy if you want to, just keep practicing it.

Have a great day.

Char xx