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I See Many People Way Ahead Of Me In Life…

When I look around, I see many people way ahead of me in life. In all areas of life, be it business, financially, love, physically, home life, there are people I see, that are doing or have what I wish for.

It used to bug me, frustrate me, I felt hard done by, like I was missing out or had lost.
But now, now I don’t.
I look at these people with so much admiration, I can’t wait to be there, where I want to be one day…and that place, where I want to be, will keep shifting as the more I grow the more my goals, my desires will grow too.

I am where I am, because of the choices I have made for myself.
And those choices were the right choices for me at each given time.
In some cases, where I felt like I’d taken a millions steps backwards, where actually the things that allowed me to move forward even more so.

There are always, always, going to be people ahead of you, no matter where you are, or what you have.
And they are the people you can learn from, which is a good thing.
Watch & listen to those people who you admire, who are where you’d like to be, or have what you’d love to have for yourself, then put it into action what you learn in a way that works for you.

Little by little, you will get to where you want to go.
Little by little you will reach your goals.
Little by little, step by step things will begin to change, change is always happening.

Sit and have a look around you.
It may not be where you thought you’d be, you may not have what you thought you’d have at this point in life,
But be ok with where you are right now.
Accept where you are right now, no matter your age.
The more you focus on what you don’t have, the more you will move away from what you do want.
Enjoy all that you have right now,
And begin little by little moving in the direction you want to go…you know where that is,

Keep your eye on the prize and keep on moving.
There is no timeline, there is no place you should be, but where you are right now.