Still, She Rises


Learn to hold space for yourself.
It will be hard, you will be challenged, you will become impatient at times…but learning to hold space for yourself is where so much growth is found.

Many times you must go through all the mess, the pain to be able to receive the beauty that life has to offer you.

Transformation, doesn’t come from all the pleasantries in life, Transformation comes from the mess, the pain, the uncomfortableness of life, of self.
You must learn to shift through all the mess that life brings and learn to sit with it, hold yourself in it to experience all that comes on the other side of this.

The pain of birthing a baby,
Brings the beauty of a baby that is apart of you
The pain of losing someone close,
Brings the beauty of appreciating life like you’ve never experienced before.
The pain of rejection,
Brings the beauty of what is truly meant for you.
The pain of exercise,
Brings the beauty of health and a booty or abs to match
(haha hopefully…maybe)

You see, many of the true beautiful things you experience and receive in life, has come from you experiencing some form of pain….tiredness, loneliness, hustle, sweat & tears, emptiness at some point along the journey.

If you think reaching the beauty of life comes from searching for it, buying it, finding quick pleasures, eating the soul food all the time etc….you will forever be searching for what you’re looking for…you will be forever not satisfied, you will be forever waiting for what you actually desire.

So you must learn to sit and hold, to be able to receive what is for you.
For every time you go against what you actually ask for in life, the more you push away what you say you want.

Learning to hold is uncomfortable, it can be lonely, you will get impatient, you will be tested, you will feel it all.
But just keep coming back to the commitment you have made to yourself, the promise and honour yourself enough to hold yourself to that promise.

You will sit and think it’s not working….but it is.
Change is always happening…just think to what has changed already, naturally for you in the last year…
Has someone entered your life, has someone exited, have you lost weight, have you gained weight, have you brought in more money, have you lost money….things are forever changing, so trust as you sit and hold yourself in that space, that things are changing always.

At times you will not see it, but if you become aware…you will be feeling it (ohhh it can get uncomfortable)
That feeling inside of you is a shift happening…an internal shift, a soul shift
And with a soul shift, comes the beauty of all that will follow on from that…you will see, just trust.

Holding space for yourself, means saying no to things, it means speaking up to what you do want, it means resisting temptation towards the things that don’t align with you, it means trusting in the circle of life, it means making up and going on with your own rules, yet not breaking the rules of life.

Hold space for yourself.
Commit to the promise you made to yourself.
And when you do, life will always deliver the good that is meant for you.