Coronavirus, Personal, Still, She Rises


April came and went…
For some in a flash, for others oh so slowly.
We got to,
We still get to,
Look at life…
All that life was, is and will be.

What it was, was done by us.
We made it bigger, faster, messier in a way, better in a way.

What it is, was brought to us, to give us a chance.
A chance to change, to reflect, to see what’s important and what’s not.
To show us what we need less of and more of.
To allow us to feel all sorts of feels.

And, What will be…
Well, that’s up to us again.
Will you go back to what was or will you allow yourself to be the change.

Will you appreciate the gift of time more,
The gift of family & friends more,
The gift of connection more,
The gift of space more,
The gift of a job more.

Too much of things often bring stress, rush, pressure, anxiety, sickness.
Too little of things often bring about the same.

Finding the in between where you can allow yourself to do and to be,
Is a beautiful combination.

We were made to be,
To allow breath, peace, calm and to awaken to ourselves, to our world.
We were also made to do,
Hence why our body moves & our mind dreams and creates.
Our body is more powerful & stronger than we give it credit.

What will allow you to feel more connected to yourself, to the world around you and to our beautiful earth.
I guess, it’s really just about sitting and seeing what’s really important for you and your family in your lifetime, and for the generations that follow you.

What will it be for you?