Still, She Rises

You Get To Heal…

Where in your life are you finding it challenging?
What ever comes up for you, know this is your chance to heal that area of your life.
Don’t allow yourself to just brush it off, think it’ll be right, think you have to harden up and just deal with it.
If you do, it will never go away. It will keep resurfacing until you deal with it, until you heal it.

Look at what beliefs you’ve been holding on to around it.
Look at what it all means for you to still hold onto it.
Look at how it actually serves you, or in many cases, doesn’t serve you.
Really look at it.
Get the god damn magnifying glass out so you can see it all for what it is.

For many this may seem like hard work, like you don’t have the time for this in depth, detailed, deconstruction of an exercise…yet really I feel it’s actually harder to keep living life as it is and thinking it will disappear (trust me it won’t). The more you do it, the more you look at it all in more depth, the quicker and easier it will become for you.

For me, I can be going along like all is well, then boom, I get slapped in the face with another opportunity to learn from, to heal. I have a real love hate relationship with moments like these, yet I choose to embrace them as I see what I no longer want to hold on to within myself. If I want my life to be the best it can be, then it’s up to me, and only me to make those shifts, to make those changes. Life does keep getting better in so many ways, even though some days are more challenging than others.

Identify what you’re finding challenging, then start to learn what you can about that specific thing. Reading about it, talking about, writing about it are all things that will help you start to unravel it all so it’s no longer a part of who you are any more.