Personal, Still, She Rises

You already have it all…

You have all the means, all the courage, all the resources you need right now to live in a way that fills you up each day even in amongst the chaos that life can and will bring.

Think of all the beautiful relationships you can have, the career choices you can make, the abundance that fills your world, the mind that is free, the body that you love and the soul that you listen to….This is all available to you….It just starts with you.

It starts with you, simply means, you are fully responsible for all that is required for life to be how you wish it to be…and not only that, but also how you choose to react to life itself.

And I know you have it in you…every single one of you do.
The question is….Do YOU believe that you have it in you?

I’ll be honest with you….I myself, never believed I had it in me, to do what I wanted, and to live in a way where I felt fulfilled, even in amongst the messiness that life can and will bring…I remember sitting there speaking with a lady about responsibilities and it pretty much hit me in the face – I woke up and realised that if I want anything in life, it’s starts with me…I am fully responsible for all that happens in my life…and guess what, so are you.

So where in your life are you not fully owning, not fully taking responsibility for?
It can be so easy in life to point the finger when things don’t go our way.
It can be so easy to feel that life is just not fair, and why do things happen and continue to happen to you.
It can be so easy to think others are responsible for how we are feeling and living.
It can be so easy to reflect our emotions onto others and expect them to make it right for us.

But flipping the mirror around, so we can take a good look at ourselves, can be challenging, it can be so confronting. Yet when you do, you will be so amazed at what you see, and also all that you are actually capable of doing for yourself.

When you can see that it starts with you and you begin to work this into your life,
You will begin to really support yourself on so many levels.
You will see that you can fill yourself up and you will stop looking outside of you.
You will find so much joy in yourself and in your life, that everything else becomes a complete bonus.
So much goodness comes from the moment you start taking responsibility for all that happens in your life.

If you want to see change in your relationships,
You must go first.

If you want to see change in your family,
You must go first.

If you want to see change in your career,
You must go first.

If you want to see change in yourself,
You must go first.

If you want to see change in YOUR world,

To often we rely on external things to change first,
To make the first step to better OUR world.
People, environments, situations etc…
Maybe you look to others to give you energy that you crave,
But imagine being able to give that energy to yourself first.

Maybe someone makes you feel frustrated and you want it to stop,
Imagine being able to let go of that and not take on anyone else’s emotions.

Maybe you just want someone to love you,
Imagine giving love to yourself and to others first before expecting it in return.

Maybe you want a pay rise.
Imagine if you could just ask for it and actually receive it because you know your worth.

Taking responsibility for all that is for you, means learning to hold your space and give you all the feels you want and need in your life.
When I decided to take full responsibility for my life, it saw me healing relationships that were so important to me.
It saw me forgive those who I felt had done wrong by me, as well as forgive myself for those I had done wrong by.
It saw me learn to use my voice and ask for what I needed, even when it felt wobbly and uncomfortable.
It saw me create space in my life and let go of things that were no longer working.
It saw me take risks on things that I believed in, that I really wanted in reality, even if it meant potentially failing at it or losing it.
It saw me step out of my comfort zone and put my hand up to others opinions and trust that what I wanted for my life was more important than what others thought I needed to do.

More than anything, I want you to see all that is possible for you.
You have so much goodness to offer this world, so why not do more of that…and when you do, you will feel more fulfilled, feel more free and damn have more fun.

‘It Starts With You’ is a 6 week online course where we will meet weekly on zoom.

This is a group coaching environment. I believe we all learn from everyone we meet in our life, and as a group, we will learn together, we will grow together and it will be a safe environment for you to be free to express yourself. The more we express, we not only help ourselves, but the more we also help others.

There is space for 10 people.
Early bird BONUSES available too.

We will look at where you are right now…what’s holding you back, your blocks, and the challenges you feel you are facing.

We will unpack all the ideas you may put on the world around you that make your life as it is in your current situation and look at what adjustments can be made. Many times, it’s the smallest adjustments that create the biggest impact.

We will cover boundaries – one of my most favourite subjects to speak about and work on…I am all about creating healthy boundaries in all areas of life as well as respecting boundaries of others.

We will look at communication and how to voice what you want in life with those close to you and how you can do it in a way that is filled with love and grace.

We will take a look at your values…when you live life through your values, this is when you begin to feel fulfilled in your days, because you make them a priority and everything else that doesn’t really matter gets filtered out.

More than anything, I want to see you living a life with more value and reason behind all that you do. That you get to wake up each day (most days, because we all have those days) with a new outlook and focus on what’s really important for you.
You will know if this course feels right for you…feel into it….and if it feels right straight away, then I would LOVE you to join me.