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*** ANNOUNCEMENT *** – Long Post Alert

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned at the end of a post I had some big chances happening over here…you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on here lately also…

When I go quiet on here it means I’m processing, I’m going through a shift and this one has been a huge shift….so lets’ get straight to it shall we…


Yeap that’s right…I’ve decided to let the studio go.
My last photoshoot is on the 9th November and that night I will also celebrate with all my family & friends (it’s my 40th)

So Why…well theres a few reasons and I’m happy to share them with you.

1. My lease is up, so a decision had to be made. I’ve enjoyed this space for four years now and I’ve photographed so many amazing people in here. My goal was to always have a studio space out of home, I accomplished that goal and built a portrait studio that is well known around the Bay of Plenty and further afield and I am so proud of that.

2. As a single Mum running two businesses (I have an Air BnB property plus the studio) and a household, I’ll be honest, I’m tired of trying to be in all places at once and to be honest again, I’ve been dropping the ball a bit lately trying to keep up and that’s just not fun or fair for anyone.

3. Something has been coming up for a while for me, for what I want my business to look like, the work my soul screams out to do, and now is the time to listen and restructure, to move it into the direction I want and to grow again.

So what does this all mean…will I still be photographing???
Yes, absolutely! Photography will always be a part of my life.

I have to find a new home in December for my kids and I to live, so I am on the search for a beautiful home that can also cater for a cute space to photograph women…I actually love the idea of inviting people to my home to be photograph – just like having friends over.

However I will only be offering very limited portrait sessions throughout the year, starting in 2020. So if you want to go on the ‘Wait list’ and be the first to know about available dates in 2020 – click the link below.


I will then have more time available to work on my other projects in the pipeline.
– One being, yes, completing my book ‘Still, She Rises’.
– Writing more as this brings me just as much joy as my photography does now. NEW BlOG also going live very soon.
– Creating a space where I can connect with more women, a space where they can be inspired, empowered, grow, connect & tune into themselves on so many levels and areas…If you want to join in, click this link as a good first step to more that’s to come later


If you’d like to be photographed before the 9th November 2019 I still have a few week day spaces available…private message me for details.
In the mean time I will be completing current jobs, tying up loose ends and enjoying my last photoshoots for 2019.

I’m a creative, I love to create and I can’t wait to start creating all that I have been dreaming about and well working towards for the past 20 years…I just love how things have naturally evolved simply by trusting in what I love to do.

Like I’ve said before….Life is way to short.
I’m ready to take the next step in the direction that feels so good and right for me,
I’m ready to let go of what was and has been for so long and begin new things that bring me so much joy.

I love change, change is always happening to everyone of us, some more than others, yet with change I experience the wobbles, fear rears it’s ugly head, doubt sits on my shoulders, others opinions dance around me, but more than anything, what I know to be true from past experience, is that change allows growth, change brings new learnings, change brings more possibilities and opportunities so I’m happy to take all the shit ugly feelings and emotions along for the ride….and I can’t wait.

I invite you to join me on this new journey…

PS. Go the All Blacks – who else is staying up to watch the game?

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