In moments where you feel like you’re carry around a heavy weight,
Or a continuous cloud is hovering over your head, many tend to do one of two things.
Ignore or look to something outside of them, to feel good.

Ignoring, only makes things that much heavier over time.
And reaching to feel good options, is a short term fix, to give you a little boost for a moment.

Yet, there’s another option…one you know already,
One you know deep inside of you to be true, yet many shy away from it for a number of reasons.
It feels like the harder option…in some cases it can be, for a moment.
You’ve been taught (shown) differently…what we’re conditioned to believe is the way.
It’s unknown territory, which can make your system feel unsafe.
You’re not ready to take radical responsibility for your inner world.
I get it, I so get it,
But…this option is the one that is only for you,
Can only be done by you, for you, in your way.

It’s to answer the knock at the door,
You know the one…the one that sits in your mind or keeps returning.
Your body is giving you the messages,
Your heart is telling you what it wants, what is true,
Your mind is telling you what to do.
Your body is leading your soul to the places it’s required to go.
You just have to answer it.

Many are not answering it, some are opening up to it just a little, many are holding it closed to deal with another day, yet that day turns into weeks, months, years or just never answer it.

Symptoms are showing up in many ways.
Unable to sleep, gaining weight, lack of energy, headaches, sore throat, unsettled tummy, saw jaw, colds or flus on the regular, muscle aches, mood swings and the list goes on…
Your body is asking for peace, joy, love, contentment,
And for it all to be let in, you must listen in quietly.
That’s it!
Just listen, then act.

The more you do it, the easier it does become, and the lighter you will feel.
Then add play, pleasure & purpose to your world,
And watch your inner world do its thing & your symptoms slip away.
You are your own medicine.

Put pen to paper,
Speak the words that are lingering in your throat,
Release the anger that’s bubbling away inside of you (in a safe & harmless way),
Dip yourself in the ocean,
Walk on earths soil,
Cry for what you love, what you’ve lost, what hurts,
Laugh at all things funny,
Dance to the music & through the waves of joy or pain.

You may think this is a lot of work,
But what takes more work, effort, energy, is carrying around that weight or lingering cloud you choose not to deal to.

Give yourself the gift of tuning into, listening & trusting in your own beautiful body.
You came into this world with that magic, it’s time to tap back into it.