If you took it all away, how would you stand?
Stand within yourself.

If you took away your relationship,
Took away your money,
Took away your work,
Took away all the beauty treatments,
Took away anything that’s outside of you, that you believe gives you the feeling of worthiness.
How would you stand?
How would you see yourself?
How would you feel about yourself?

We put so much of our worthiness on what we gain from outside of us.
If you took it all away, would you still feel settled, loved, enough, worthy,
Or would it shake your world?
Would you feel like the ground is no longer steady,
Would you wonder who you are without all of those things,
Would you feel like you’ve failed?

For many, if they could for just a moment, take themselves to that space,
That space of not having those things,
Would begin to question life, themselves, their worthiness and will try to fill that space as quickly as they possibly can with anything that takes away those uncomfortable feelings.

Your worthiness is not in someone else loving you,
It’s not in how much money you can make,
It’s not in how good your home looks to the world,
It’s in how you see & feel about yourself, without all those things.
All those things are amazing, and an absolute added bonus when you can be good within yourself without them.

When you allow yourself to go within and connect with who you really are,
You will never go without because all you ever need is already in you.
Your home is where you are and what you make of it, not what others make of it for you.
When you make a home within yourself, the right people will want to join in & share it with you, because it’s created from within you for you first.
The moment you can feel & give that to yourself, you can then give it out to the rest of the world.

So…How do you be that, be that person, that even when the world around you starts to shake, fall away, wants to cause chaos, what do you do???
First you take a big f#@%en breath…multiple haha.
Then you remember who you are and what you want.
Then you direct your thoughts to that vision of yourself, for yourself,
Let yourself feel it in your whole body, like it’s already there, it’s already a part of you.
And you take actions towards it all no matter how big or small, you just keep moving.
You let your body, your heart, lead you…it always knows the way, it has only ever known the way.
When you let what’s in you come through, you can’t ever get it wrong because what’s in you is specifically designed for who you are.
When you’re creating from that space, your energy is changed which will hold you & the rest will begin to move towards you.
When you work from the inside out, instead of the outside in,
no one, nothing, can take from you what is already yours, what comes from within you.

These words come through me, to you, not just for something to say, but because I’ve experienced all this myself, I understand it deeply, the feeling, the experience of it all. Having had many things fall away and having to dive deep to hold myself through some mind, body & soul altering experiences in my life & to find it in me to build life back up, piece by piece, I learned no one can take from you when it comes from within you.

Let yourself find solid ground from your inside world.

I’m weaving all I know, all I believe in, all that supports me together in one space so you too can create yourself from this space…it’s giving me goosebumps seeing it all come together & I can’t wait to share it with you.