I wanted to share a little something with you that I’ve shared in all my trainings with clients over the years – The Bullseye.

Think of a dartboard…
– The bullseye is you!

– The triangles around the board, leading towards the centre – are all the areas in your life (health, wealth, work etc)

– The different sized circles that move out from the bullseye – represent all the different relationships in your life.

When you focus on how you (the bullseye) shows up in all areas of life (the triangles), it ripples out to the relationships (the circles) you have in your life.

The bullseye: To know yourself, your wants, desires and all that you value in each area for yourself. To ask for it, to speak to it, to move towards it, to be responsible in how you show up to it all. To love, respect, honour how you wish to, no matter the outcome. To trust & believe in who you are & what you bring to the table.

First circle: Represents your ‘intimate’ relationship – who you choose to do & grow in life with. One of the most important choices you will make. How you each show up in this relationship with each other, sets the foundation for your children & the rest of your world. You teach your daughters & sons how to treat & be treated. You show them what love & support looks & feels like in all the ups & downs that life brings. Together you can support & hold the other areas & relationships in life well.

Second circle: Represents your children and the relationship you have with them. To see each of them as individuals with their own characteristics, skills, talents & way of being. To be their safe place, their listening ear, their guidence in life. A space for them to express openly, explore to better understand, know & value themselves. How life works inside your family unit is how they will step out into the world.

Third circle: Represent your parents, siblings and/or your closet friends who you call family. Who you can call on for support, no matter how much time has passed. Learn from, celebrate with, comfort one another. Conversations get to be deeper where you know each other in ways no one else does. Who will always be there and where the door is always open.

Fourth circle: Represent your good friends & community who you play & have fun with. Who are there for good chats (on many different levels), celebrate & support in ways you can, when you can. Those who you feel comfortable around and love having them in your world. As life changes, the people in this space can also change, some stay, some go, yet overall you always want the best in life for them.

We must use our decrement to determine where people fit in our life as this decides how much time you give to these spaces. Life is always changing, so as you grow older, people move into different spaces due to your own personal responsiblities and situations. This is why knowing who you are, focusing on how you show up, supports you in how you show up in all other relationships. You’re responsible for you first, it all start’s with you.

You’re not always going to get it right and flowing (remember it’s life) but this gives you a visual to keep doing your best for yourself and those you wish to keep in your world. We can’t do it all on our own, we all need community, and so make sure you’re choosing your community to do life with and I believe, you’ll start winning the game of life. It’s never too late.