Lately I have been photographing a lot of Mums with their children. Mostly with their daughters and a couple with their sons. I must say, these shoots would probably be one of my favourite sessions to photograph. It has a lot to do with me being a mum myself I guess and knowing how much I treasure portraits of my kids and I together.

As mums we are all about putting our kids first, doing what we can for them and making sure they are looked after before ourselves – it’s just in our nature to do so. However I think our kids can learn a lot by watching us put ourselves first at times, doing something that we really enjoy & taking good care of ourselves.  I believe that when we chose to do this, what we are teaching our kids is to do the same – to put themselves first, to do things that excites them & to take good care of themselves.

During a photoshoot with a mum & her kids I always photograph the kids first while Mum is in the make up chair enjoying a bit of ‘me time’ (well deserved ‘me time’ at that!).  I do this for two reasons: one; so I can gain trust with the kids (a challenge I love & they love to give), two; Mum gets to enjoy watching her kids from afar while someone else (me) fusses over them. Once mum is looking & feeling amazing, it’s her turn to step in front of the camera.

We all know that kids see & hear everything we say and do right, even when we think they aren’t paying attention? Well, when I am photographing a mum on her own and the kids are there, they are listening to every word spoken & seeing every expression. They see that moment when you are feeling nervous about being photographed, the moment you let your guard down, relax and have fun and that moment when you are standing tall, oozing with confidence & beauty. In those moments they are learning that it’s ok to do the same, because mum is doing it. They see that when you step outside your comfort zone and feel nervous & unsure, what comes next is truly beautiful; your true self breaks through and your eyes start to shine. They see it all and they are taking it all in.

Having a portrait with your kids is important in so many ways.  You are spending quality time with your kids; You are teaching them how to treat ones self; You are creating a memory that they can talk about for years on end & you are gaining a beautiful portrait that will become one of your most prized possessions. A portrait is more than just a piece of paper, it tells a story…your story.