“So you want a photo that makes you look great, is suitable as a face book shot or for serious business? Hmm, what a dilemma. What to wear, what about the hair, the make up, the light, the clothing, the mood, the where why and how? And just who? Stop! There is a very clever photographer who can help you with all of this, Charmaine Marinkovich.

So, once you’ve booked, you will need to decide on what to wear. Charmaine gives great advice on this subject and even has some amazing extra clothes as props at her studio. When you stand or sit against her amazing backdrop colour boards, the clothes you brought with you might need to be another colour or shape, so Charmaine can come to the rescue by plundering her on site wardrobe of accessories. This all means trusting her of course, and when it comes to someone putting your face on film, that is a difficult thing to do, to let go of.

Next comes Caroline Martelli with her bag of make up tricks, hair boomfers, lacquer and her expertise. Do NOT look in the mirror while this transformation is being performed. After the morphing has been completed, be prepared to see a stranger in the mirror. Again, you will just have to take a breath and trust. Charmaine and Caroline have been successfully showing off women’s best sides and fronts  for many years now and they really know what they are doing. Yes, your lips are bright, yes, your hair might look big, yes your eyes might pop right out at you but yes, this whole effect will make your photos turn out beautifully, dramatically and memorably.

The film shoot will be fun, get to feel comfortable “shwinging” those hips a little and smiling a lot and tucking your arms in to make you look sculpted and tilt your head and chin just the right way. It’s a work out. No wonder the big time models are skinny! You might even end up lying on the floor looking up at the lens smiling while your neck is stretched but again, this is good for you, very good.

OK, so some days later, you are staring at a string of your photos. The first thing Charmaine wants to hear is “wow, thank you” but you might actually remain strangely silent. You will be in a sort of stranger-shock, thinking “is that me?. Then through the mist of these stunning photographs, you will recognise yourself and see some photos that are just luminous, flattering and gorgeous. You will have a culled set of short list photos and when you spend more time with these, you might be tempted to think that they are not really you. This will only last two days max, for when you really look at these photos with you as the central character with luminescent skin, eyes that mirror your happy soul and a chin that is firm and angular, you will see a fresh new slender you that radiates energy and confidence and appeal. Yes, you, appeal. On a daily basis, super models give themselves over to make up artists who render them as unrecognisable creatures all for the benefit of the lens and the client or magazine. I am sure that these super gals don’t even look at the mirror any more. Their faces are just something to hang cosmetics and hair do’s on. But for you, you will look in the mirror, you will take joy in the confidence that you will find in giving in to the make over and then seeing it expressed in the sort of photos you’ve been hoping to achieve for years. You will be impressed!

Having your photos taken with Charmaine and her expert team is highly recommended. The whole experience is very uplifting, and you will end up with superb profile photos of your face looking the best it possibly can and importantly, your true soul staring out at you through direct and honest eyes….your beautiful eyes captured through the intuitive lens of Charmaine Marinkovich.”  By Jonnie Mead – Celebrant for all occasions



When Jonnie said she wanted to write a testimonial for me, I was expecting 2-3 sentences of kind words. Jonnie gave so much more than that. She shared her true thoughts throughout her experience, writing from the heart.  Jonnie, thank you. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer time and time again.