Im really glad that you can join me today and that I get to spend this time with you again, so thanks for being here.

I have a few words in front of me and they’re your words…’Fall madly in love with your life’, now they’re words of motivation that you use to support the women in your lifestyle company Blossom, and I love those words and when I read them I think wow, I want a life like that and I suppose many people would look at it and go, they want a life like that as well, so easy to read, so easy to hear, but kind of hard to do. I see you living a life that you love, but you haven’t always had a life that you love have you.

Tracy: No

Charmaine: So can you share a little bit about where you’ve come from and how you got to where you are now.

Tracy: Wow, that’s a long story. I suppose it starts really really young, so about six weeks old when I got eczema all over me, just crazy crazy eczema, and it was with me throughout my childhood and into being a young adult and it really effected my self-worth. I just did not feel good enough and I choose people that didn’t really treat me that well, struggled at school and just didn’t really feel like I fitted in. It wasn’t until I had my three children, which I was seventeen when I had my first daughter and turned eighteen a month later, then I had two more children to Johnny. It wasn’t until they were probably one, three & five that I started to realise that it was me that was in charge of my life, which I don’t think I really realise that and I didn’t realise that my self-worth had a huge effect on what was happening in my life. It took quite some time to realise that.

Charmaine: So was there a little turning point for you…the light bulb moment as they say?

Tracy: Yeah, a really good friend gave me Louise Hay book ‘You can heal your life’ and I remember reading a sentence in there that said ‘you are responsible for what’s going on in your life’ and I was like WHAT, you mean that the people who are treating me bad, I have a role to play in that, and the lack of abundance; I’m part of that, you know, it was just an eye opener, that I was playing apart in it. My beliefs and the thoughts I was thinking and the words that I was speaking all played a part in how my life was unfolding.

Charmaine: So what did you do to start getting into a cool life and getting away from those people or changing things?

Tracy: So I read that book, and read it, and I still have that book, it’s something that I always go back to. And then I went to a ‘You can heal your life’ workshop, which was based on that book. I went to two of those, maybe three of them, they all just helped me to really connect with who I was. To treat myself well, to speak to myself kindly, to encourage myself and to think about whenever I was putting myself down, it was almost like I was going backwards if I was doing that. To really nurture a relationship with me.

Charmaine: And did you notice things start changing straight away.

Tracy: Yeah, I noticed that I just started to feel good. I was happier and I was more comfortable with who I was, but at the same time there was this real uncomfortableness because I was changing and I was different that everyone I was hanging out with. I wanted to talk about happiness, positive affirmations and love, and you know, I wasn’t in that kind of environment so it took a lot of courage to just be me, the me I was beginning to know, even around those kind of people. We were all doing the best we could, just different than what we had done before.

Charmaine: How did people respond to you changing?

Tracy: So people liked it and we would have amazing conversations about it and some were challenged with what I was going through.

Charmaine: One thing I saw you write down is that you are a truth seeker. When I think about truth seeker, I think for me it would be, being true to yourself and when you are really true to yourself you start being so truthful to your whole life and everybody in it. Is that how you see it as well?

Tracy: Yeah, that is definitely a big part of it, definitely, being true to me, saying what I really feel, going after the goals that I know that make my heart sing. It’s also a truth seeker as in, is this belief really true, that I’m believing about myself, or I’m believing about relationships or I’m believing about money for instance, or about my success. Are the beliefs true that I’m thinking and really delving into finding out the language I use and the thoughts I think are they really nurturing my true self. So always looking for the truth.

Charmaine: Do you have any daily rituals that you do?

Tracy: Yes, so just over a year ago as you know I started yoga, the yoga I do is Kundalini yoga and it has meditation in it, so I meditate everyday, without a doubt, I love it. I didn’t do that everyday a first, it was a struggle to do it and so what we were set was we had to do forty days of meditation and what really helped that was, I would have a journal and write one, two, three, four all the way to forty and everyday I had to fill out what the mediation was like, how I felt, how I found it, and some days it was like….hated it, really hard today, couldn’t stay focused. What I noticed was that as the time went by, I began to find this peacefulness in the mediation and I enjoyed doing it. But it’s like a homeopathic remedy, and coaching is the same, you go through some tough stuff and then you move through that and then things get better. So meditation is definitely something. I pretty much walk everyday, my dog would have something to say about that if I didn’t. There are some days I miss, but I do try to walk every single day. I listen to music that lights my soul, everyday. It’s music that my husband and when they family stay they have to get used it to, because it is all chanting, it’s really different than your normal music. I have a glass of apple cider vinegar and honey every morning, its my ritual that my husband makes for me.

Charmaine: So have your family adapted to your rituals or do they include that in their lives at all?

Tracy: Andy meditated with me the other day and then he said ‘I don’t know if this is for me’. I’ve got Shaylah home from uni at the moment and she said she’s going to come to yoga tomorrow night, so I hope she does, I hope she experiences it because its the type of yoga that gets you really connected to your true self which is why I was so attracted to it. The coaching has always been about helping people to love themselves more and connect and this is just doing it on a whole other level.

Charmaine: So if people are wanting to make change, what would you suggest to them would be the first step. Where would they go, what would they do?

Tracy: There are a couple of things that they could do. One is just to become aware of their language. When you wake up in the morning, what are the first things you think, when you are going throughout your day, what are you thinking. What are you saying to people about your day, or your relationship. Just really become aware of the language you speak and the thoughts that you think. It’s key, because we’re not aware of what we’re thinking and saying and then we’re creating these lives that we’re wondering why they’re not going as well as they could. But when we become present and notice what we’re saying, we can change the way we think and speak. So that would be one thing and the second is, it comes from the Louise Hay book I read all those years ago and it’s mirror work. It’s like looking in the mirror everyday and saying something nice to yourself.

Charmaine: I remember you saying that to me, because I’ve done some coaching with you myself and you said mirror work and I found that so hard to do, but you know, I guess you’ve got to keep at it and every now and again I try and do it again, it still feels weird. It’s something I guess the journal writing, if you keep it up, it gets easier.

Tracy: Quite often people say ‘I find that so hard’ , so then that’s where the works got to be done. It’s where it’s hard, that’s were we do the work.

Charmaine: If It was all easy, then we would all be doing it wouldn’t we.

Tracy: And the tough stuff is where all the big shifts happen. You stick at that and you connect. I feel like a lot of us get really disconnected from who we really are, we get disconnected that our thoughts and our body are linked. So when we’re saying or thinking bad things about our body for instance you know that’s all connected. Our body is feeling and hearing that and so you know you want to be saying really good things to your body. If you’ve criticised yourself for years and it’s not making any difference, then how about trying to be really kind to yourself and think about speaking to yourself like your best friend or a child, I think many people would speak really differently. I was the same, my self talk was shocking.

Charmaine: And also I guess when you talk to yourself kindly, your children will hear exactly that. You’re teaching them to speak kindly to themselves. It’s cool to change that into a positive way. Actually another thing that I learnt from you and that was, you know I was a young mum as well and I was saying ‘Don’t get pregnant’ to my daughter, I remember you saying, when you say that it’s like it was a bad thing that we got pregnant, and when I think about it, it was actually one of the best things that happened to me, so now instead of saying don’t get pregnant, I say go and have some cool experiences and it’s just re-wording it and changing it around and not even mentioning it.

Tracy: I was sharing that from my own experience, because that is something I focused on too, you know ‘Don’t do it’. But look now I’ve got two grandchildren on the way and I’m so excited about it. It’s just trusting that everything is happening how it’s meant to be happening and going with that flow.

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