She has a social life like that of a teenage, she eats the produce from her own garden, she bakes, drives, travels and not too long ago, she danced, enjoyed Tai chi & is able to beat the pants off everyone in a friendly (yet slightly competitive) family ping-pong competition – Grandma is one women who is a huge inspiration in my life.

With 8 children, 17 Grandchildren & 20 Great Grandchildren, remembering their names are mostly never an issue. She will bend down and swipe up a little one as she would have done 40 years ago. She’s a mover, keeping active, I believe is her key to reaching the grand age of 90.

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated with her. Family from far & near came to enjoy this day with the celebrations continuing into the night back at my aunties home. Here I was able to squeeze in next to Grandma on her chair and chat about life. You see, my Grandad passed away 32 years ago, so she has been on her own ever since. She said they were looking forward to spending time together after a lifetime of working & raising a family. Unfortunately, Grandad past away not long after moving off the farm into town.  So I guess, she must have kept a promise to him and that was to enjoy life .

I told her how neat it is to see her still going strong. She said ‘If your legs still work, don’t stop, keep moving while you still can’ – So I will take this little message and use it to keep me going so I am rocking it at 90 just like Grandma.

Before her party my sister & I headed up to her house for a quick little make-over & photoshoot – I love her smile in every single one. I will treasure these portraits as will the rest of my family.

Hair & Make up: Lisa Marinkovich